COOK POLITICAL REPORT: Connecticut District 2 Moves Towards Republicans

May 26, 2022

NOV 2021 – National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) places CT2 on national target list [LINK]

MAR 2022 – Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) adds CT2 to vulnerable Democrats list. [LINK]

MAY 2022 – Cook Political Report moves CT2 towards Republicans [LINK]
EXCERPT: As the parties navigate primaries and begin polling and placing fall ad buys, Republicans’ House advantage looks as robust as ever. For independent voters, inflation has become such a dominant concern…

Republican State Rep. Mike France emerges from the Connecticut Republican Party Nominating Convention as the Party’s endorsed pick to take on 16-year Democratic incumbent Rep. Joe Courtney.

Rep. Joe Courtney has all the makings of a vulnerable Democrat this year: voting record match with Nancy Pelosi, silent on rising inflation and energy prices and one of the foremost cheerleaders for Biden’s disastrous Afghanistan policy.

This year, simply taking credit for every appropriation already coming to Connecticut will not be enough to convince voters that Rep. Courtney is willing to put Connecticut in front of the Democratic Party.


State Rep. Mike France is the first Republican in years to mount a credible challenge against Courtney, having out-raised the last five Republican candidates in this district combined, France is also one of the only elected officials to mount a challenge like this in over a decade. France is running in a district known the world over as the Submarine Capitol of the World where, during a 20-year career in the US Navy, including multiple war time deployments, he finished his career at Supervisor of Shipbuilding in Groton.


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